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 Staggered Start Times Extended to 19th July 2021 - from the manager

Our Summer League Programme is off and running but if you're in a team, don't forget our staggered start times to help comply with the regulations that will still be in place until 21st June 2021.

With Stage 4 of the governments release of lockdown now being pushed back to 19th July 2021, staggered start times will continue up to that date.

Rink start times for League matches will be in accordance with the rink your match is played on and NOT at half past the hour as stated on the fixtures and captains sheets generated by the website (which is pre-programmed and cannot be altered)

Apologies for any confusion this will create (or has already created) but in these changing times we ask for members patience a little longer please:

Rink One - will commence on the hour with Morning Leagues at 10am, Afternoon League matches 2pm and Evening games 6pm

Rink Two - Sessions/Matches will begin at 10 past the hour as appropriate

Rink three - Sessions/Matches will be 20 past the hour

Rink Four - Sessions/Matches will be at half past the hour

Rink Five - Sessions/Matches commence at 40 Mins past the hour

Rink Six - Sessions/Matches commence at 50 mins past the hour.

Rink fees should be placed to the plastic tubs at the bar end of the rinks prior to the start of the game and cards will be issued by the bar staff upon receipt of monies.

A reminder that Rink Fees are £4 per two hour session.

Multi-session cards can still be purchased at the bar to avoid handling cash when paying each time you play.

Mats and Jacks will be cleaned after each session by our facilitators who will be employed up to Stage 4 (21st June 2021).

No spectators will be allowed around the green prior to stage 4.

In July following staff training and installation, we will unveil our new Website which will include a dedicated secure area for members to sign into using their own password.

From there you will be able to book rinks on line, enter scores after the match whilst still in the club using an iPad and even pay for bowling on line by topping up your 'account'.

There will be people on hand in the club to guide you so don't worry about the technology or the new process.

Whilst BOWLR may be the future, I would also like to pay a huge tribute to Mr David Lyon who has assisted us over the past 15 years and is now taking a very well deserved retirement! David is responsible for bringing the club's systems into the 21st Century and both David and Juanita have been a constant and reliable support to me during that time. We now look forward to seeing more of them both on the bowling green (rather than toiling behind a computer screen!)

Keep an eye out in the club for more progress


To keep you up to date, there are 3 new items in the menu area on the left of this web-page:
  • Coro Bookings - a list of the rinks and time slots that have been booked or are available to be booked. 
  • Coro Documents - more detailed information of the Back to Bowls Policy. 
  • Coro Videos - visual guides to the new club procedures. 
Key 'Back to Bowls' information is contained in the document that we distributed to members by both letter and email outlining our plan for a safe and sustainable return to indoor bowls. Click on the link below to view a copy:
PLEASE NOTE - Before booking however, it is vital that you note two key conditions that apply:
  • Face Coverings are Mandatory. This is subject to a weekly Club Status review, so if you cannot wear one for any reason, please wait until this requirement is relaxed before you return to the club. Anyone NOT wearing a mask must obtain an exemption badge from the Club and wear that badge or will be refused entry.
  • You MUST AGREE to play by the rules of the club in force at that time. Full and upto date details are available at the menu item 'Coro Documents'. 

 Noticeboard extract:
Team E07 - Evergreen  
   - by Danny Brown

Would all players in the Summer Evening League please note the withdrawal of team E07 Evergreens who were entered to the Summer League in error.

We have removed all fixtures from the programme and telephoned all captains to inform them of the withdrawal

 Noticeboard extract:
Summer Morning Team M14 Shamrocks  
   - by Danny Brown

Would all players in Division Two of the Summer Morning League please note the withdrawal of team M14 Shamrocks who were entered to the Summer League in error.

We have removed all fixtures from the programme and telephoned all captains to inform them of the withdrawal.

 Noticeboard extract:
   - by Danny Brown

Do you have a locker beside Rink One?

If you do you will find upon your return that you have been relocated to another locker as we seek to remove the lockers from rink side into the changing areas.

A project to do just that has been ongoing during lockdown and anyone with a locker numbered between 1H and 234H will need to ask at the bar for their revised locker number. All equipment has been moved for you and is locked up in your new locker. We simply need you to produce your old key and we can exchange it for a new key and let you know where your new location is.

Anyone who is unhap ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

 Noticeboard extract:
   - by Danny Brown

With the imminent return of the Grand Prix Singles to the club, we will be able to accommodate early roll ups once again but on Mondays and Tuesdays only beginning on Mon 24th May 2021.

Please book rinks ahead of your arrival prior to 21st June 2021 (we hope to be able to relax this post-21st June)

From Tuesday 25th May we'll be trialing a new 'Roll up Pairs' where people who are inclined to book early can enter in pairs or can turn up on the day individually and be found a partner.

Full details can be found in the poster pictured.

Howard Jarrold will be on hand to provide coaching ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

 Noticeboard extract:
Management Committee Treasurer  
   - by Dennis Skayman

At the March Management Committee Meeting Betty Clark stepped down as committee treasurer. Our funds have been in Betty's safe and capable hands for a number of years and it's a wrench to lose her but our thanks go to her for the fantastic job she has done whilst in post.

We are pleased to announce that Brian Smith has kindly volunteered his services as a replacement Treasurer to the Management Committee and has been co-opted to the role at the Committee Meeting last week.

We thank Brian for his kind offer and look forward to working with him.

 Noticeboard extract:
Update Lincolnshire County Leagues 2021-22 Season  
   - by Dennis Skayman

It was agreed to plan fixtures for the 2021-22 Season
This includes:

Lincs Men's
Lincs Mixed A
Lincs Mixed B
Lincs Over 60's A
Lincs Over 60's B
Lincs Over 60's C
Ladies Trudy Bates

A Couple of changes were agreed to be implemented for this season and to be reviewed for the following season to assist teams with playing numbers.

Still play each other home & away

But to regionalise the divisions and the winners of each to play off to determine a champion.

Also reduce Rinks from 5 to 4 so only needing 16 players instead of 20

Regionalisation, league structure and fixture ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

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