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 LATEST UPDATE - from the manager


Thanks to all of the members who continue to support us at this time. To date the donations (48) total £5499.00 - including one single donation from a gentleman of £1000, one of £500, one for £250 and TWENTY-FIVE further donations at - or in excess of £100! A magnificent effort from all concerned! AND I have pledges for further donations! It just goes to show how people value the part the club plays in their lives and we are eternally grateful for them all.
We are also grateful to those who continue to subscribe (or have recently signed up to) the Lincoln City Lottery (link in Left Hand Menu).

We are now trying to focus on returning to the Club at whatever stage we are allowed. This will be with restrictions imposed. Our cleaning/Hygeine procedures, playing procedures and House Rules will need to be well thought through and safely implemented and you can rest assured work is happening in the background to ensure this is so.

Unfortunately our plan to bring back the Grand Prix behind closed doors is not yet possible given current legislation coving indoor sports buildings.

The Board of Directors have a conference call scheduled on 3rd June to progress planning and our Club Committee Chairman is actively involved with plans.

Ahead of any re-opening we will communicate all there is to know if you wish to return. The most cost effective way we can do this is via email so if you wish to remain in the loop, please send me your latest email address and a one line message indicating your consent to our contacting you via email(to

(For any and all of our members who we do not have email addresses for, a letter will be posted well ahead of any planned re-opening but it costs us nothing if we have your email address on file and your consent to use it)

It will be small steps to begin with but we hope to get going again soon. We'll try and keep you posted with the details so please send your email details to me.

Stay Safe everyone.

Danny Brown
General Manager 3rd June 2020


We have reverted the front page of our website to its original format which shows a rolling display of noticeboard items. Our trial - leaving items in one long list permanently on display - was growing unmanageable. Please remember, noticeboard items are not deleted. When they cease to appear on the front page, they are always accessible via the 'Noticeboard' menu item on the left.

We have also introduced an 'Obituary' page, again accessible via its menu item on the left.

DANNY – 1st MAY 2020

 Noticeboard extract:
   - by Danny Brown

For all the people who pay £10 every 10 weeks for the Bonus Ball Lotto, the last Saturday draw of the current cycle will be Sat 25th April 2020. Given the circumstances in which we find ourselves, it is only sensible to declare the Bonus Ball Lottery as 'frozen' from Sat 2nd May until we re-open and can easily collect people's money.

If you have already paid in advance of 25th April your funds will pay for the first 10 week cycle when we return which will be announced here. Meanwhile, should members wish to continue to participate in a lottery scheme to help fund the club at only £1 per wee ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

 Coach's Corner:
Strange times  
   - by Howard Jarrold

An awful lot of you have memories going back a long way and I'm sure none of you have ever experienced times like this. Three months ago no one could have foreseen the plight we find ourselves in. Stability in the financial world is under threat and it will take strong leadership to navigate us back to calmer waters. We hope that this virus can be soon mastered and we must all play our part in bringing stability and normality back into our lives.
Enough doom and gloom ! Look on the brighter side. With everywhere closed, your bank account will look much better, and you won't feel so guilty ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.


 Noticeboard extract:
2019-20 Lincolnshire League Over 60's Results  
   - by Dennis Skayman

2019-20 Lincolnshire League Over 60's Results

Lincoln Men Over 60's A
Lincolnshire Over 60's Division 1
Thursday 26th September STAMFORD Home
Won 18-0 (112-64)
Thursday 10th October Scunthorpe Away
Won 14-4 (119-93)
Thursday 31st October BOSTON A Home
Won 16-2 (130-86)
Monday 4th November Dunholme Away
Won 18-0 (123-59)
Thursday 5th December Louth A Away
Won 18-0 (126-64)
Monday 16th December Sleaford Away
Lost 6-12 (89-91)
Thursday 2nd January DUNHOLME Home
Won 16-2 (116-78)
Thursday 9th January Boston A Away
Lost 4-14 (97-107)
Thursday 23rd January SLEAFORD Home
Won 16- ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

 Noticeboard extract:
2019-20 Lincolnshire League Results Mixed B  
   - by Dennis Skayman

2019-20 Lincolnshire League
Lincoln Mixed B Results

Lincolnshire Mixed Division 2
Saturday 28th September BOSTON Home
Lost 2-16 (74-112)
Sunday 13th October Skegness B Away
Lost 2-16 (74-112)
Saturday 26th October DUNHOLME Home
Won 16-2 (92-61)
Sunday 24th November Grantham Away
Lost 2-16 (85-100)
Sunday 5th January SKEGNESS A Home
Lost 2-16 (88-103)
Sunday 19th January Louth B Away
Lost 6-12 (87-93)
Sunday 2nd February Dunholme Away
Won 14-4 (100-71)
Sunday 16th February LOUTH B Home
Won 16-2 (110-54)
Sunday 23rd February Boston Away
Lost 2-16 (79-128)
Saturday 7th Marc ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

 Noticeboard extract:
2019-20 Lincolnshire League Results Mixed A  
   - by Dennis Skayman

2019-20 Lincolnshire League
Lincoln Mixed A Results

Lincolnshire Mixed Division 1
Saturday 19th October Spalding Away
Lost 0-18 (71-121)
Sunday 10th November Scunthorpe Away
Lost 0-18 (67-131)
Sunday 17th November HORNCASTLE Home
Won 14-4 (101-83)
Sunday 19th January SCUNTHORPE Home
Lost 4-14 (77-100)
Saturday 25th January LOUTH A Home
Lost 4-14 (77-100)
Sunday 2nd February SPALDING Home
Won 16-2 (97-88)
Saturday 15th February Horncastle away
Won 15-3 (108-84)
Saturday 22nd February STAMFORD Home
Won 14-4 (101-89)
Sunday 29th March Stamford Away
Not Played
Sunday 5th Apr ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

 Noticeboard extract:
2019-20 Lincolnshire League Lincoln Men’s Results  
   - by Dennis Skayman

2019-20 Lincolnshire League
Lincoln Men's Results

Lincolnshire Division 1
Sunday 6th October BOSTON home
Won 14-4 (96-93)
Saturday 12th October Spalding Away
Lost 4-14 (85-98)
Saturday 30th November Stamford A Away
Lost 2-16 (78-101)
Saturday 21st December Stamford B Away
Won 18-0 (103-81)
Saturday 18th January LOUTH Home
Won 16-2 (107-70)
Saturday 29th February STAMFORD A Home
Won 16-2 (98-83)
Saturday 7th March Louth Away
Won 15-3 (117-77)
Saturday 28th March Boston Away
Not played
Saturday 4th April STAMFORD B Home
Not played
Saturday 18th April SPALDING Home
Not pl ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

 Noticeboard extract:
   - by Dennis Skayman

To stop been bored, I've been researching league records and concocted a Microsoft Excel spread sheet listing the LIBC club league Divisional winners from the 2007/08 season onwards. To download a copy, please click on link at the end of this note (it will display in the Noticeboard page, if not on the Home Page), Any comments, please use the Contact Us facility in the menu area on the left.

...Click here to view all detail with links.

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