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Home Page - City of Lincoln Bowls League  

City of Lincoln Bowls League

Welcome to the City of Lincoln Bowls League Web Pages. We hope you will find all you need on these Pages. We are grateful to the Lincoln Indoor Bowls Club for allowing us to be part of Website.
All the League Winners and Competition Winners and Runners up are now up to date on the Honours Board.These will no longer be shown in the Handbook helping to keep all costs down.

Each week results are on the Notice Board and are entered as soon as they are received.

If there is anything you would like to see on our pages please E-Mail me with your suggestions,

PLEASE NOTE Road Closed 2020.
Lincoln To Washingborough Road
Will Be Closed From Feb 17th until July 07th for Bypass Work


Noticeboard extract 1 -  Latest Goverment Guidelines for Outdoor Bowling

Further updates on playing Bowls received from the Government.
Following on from the Government opening more measures.
The Government guidance now allows clubs to consider alternative formats with reduced numbers per rink – for example singles and pairs – in order for social distancing to be more easily maintained. Rinks of 3 would be allowed but you must have procedures in place to maintain social distancing.
Clubs may wish to allow spectators, however their attendance must be in line with Government guidelines on social distancing and the ability of the club to accommodate the additional numbers
Bowls clubs will need to communicate clearly and regularly with members and participants setting out what they are doing to manage risk, and what advice they are giving to individuals to do likewise.
Ideally clubs should publish an action plan detailing their plans to re-open safely and the steps they are taking to avoid confusion.
Clubs should also communicate clearly opening times and how people can safely access a facility, if relevant, for example through a booking or queuing system.
It is more important than ever to consider inclusive guidance for people who need support to be active and organisations should consider this as part of their work to encourage people to return.
The government is clear that sports participation should be restricted to participants exercising by themselves, with members from their same household, or in a group of no more than 5 other people from other households, while observing social distancing guidelines. The police have been given powers to enforce these measures.
To help everyone maintain good hygiene, consideration should be given to:
Using signs and posters to build awareness of good handwashing technique, the need to increase handwashing frequency, avoid touching your face and to cough or sneeze into your arm. Consider how to ensure safety messages reach those with hearing or vision impairments
Providing regular reminders and signage to maintain hygiene standards
Providing hand sanitiser in multiple locations in addition to washrooms
Setting clear use and cleaning guidance for toilets to ensure they are kept clean and social distancing is achieved
Enhancing cleaning for busy areas
Providing more waste facilities and more frequent rubbish collection
Using disposable paper towels in handwashing facilities.
Minimising use of portable toilets
Provision of automated hand sanitising dispensers in public places.

Public Health England has advised maintaining 2 metres (6ft) to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus.
Club Houses should still remain closed.


Noticeboard extract 2 -  2020 Season


Based on the current Government advice & restrictions and given the recent statements by the relevant bowls national bodies (EBA & EBF), the following league committees have taken the decision TO CANCEL ALL OUTDOOR BOWLS LEAGUES AND COMPETITIONS UNTIL AT LEAST JUNE 30TH.

• City of Lincoln League
• Lincoln & District League
• Cliff League
• Bowls Lincolnshire Section 2 Fours League
• Bowls Lincolnshire Section 2 ASC Metals League

There will be a review of this situation by us all in early June, which will be guided by the latest advice from the Government & national bowls bodies at that time. Should the situation and advice/restrictions change we will look to try and get some bowls played, however should it not then the season will have to be cancelled in its entirety.

Without doubt the main priority is the health, safety and welfare of all our players and members. Given the age profile of many of our clubs it is important that we all pull together and help in looking after our members and encourage people to keep an eye out for each other at this time and in particular, those that live on their own. This could be things like:
• Shopping
• Collecting Medicines
• Appropriate Contact/Conversation – respecting the relevant 'social distancing' guidelines and advice

We all look forward to seeing you all in healthier and happier times.

With warmth and best wishes,

Brian / Alistair / Tony / Kris / Colin
Appointed Representatives of Lincolnshire bowling Association, City/District/Cliff Leagues & Bowls Lincolnshire


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