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Noticeboard extract 1 -  2024 LABL Finals Day Venues

2024 Finals Days will held at Hykeham BC on Sunday 25th August 2024 and Collingham BC on Monday the 26th August 2024.


Noticeboard extract 2 -  2023 FINALS DAY DRAW & VENUES

2023 Finals Days will held at Collingham BC on 27th August 2023 and Hykeham BC on the 28th August.

Congratulations to you all on getting through to the Finals days of the Lincoln Area Bowls League to be held on, Sunday, 27th August at Collingham BC and Monday, 28th August at Hykeham BC.
Dress shall be Whites, trousers/skirt/shirt, or Club shirts. (All players are to wear identical shirts)(No T-Shirts). White shorts are allowed to EBF approved design. It would be helpful to the markers and spectators that clubs' stickers are used on all bowls.
Players to report 20 minutes before their allotted start time as timings are approximate. I hope you all have an enjoyable day.

Finally, my thanks to Hykeham & Collingham BC for hosting the Finals days free of charge. Collingham will be providing food & refreshment at a nominal cost, which I hope you will support. Hykeham have decided not to provide food, just tea & biscuits, so it is advisable to bring your own. There will be bar facilities close by. (The Rugby Club at Hykeham and the Cricket Club at Collingham).

Prize Money & Memento will be presented to the Winners and Prize Money to the Runners up on the day of the Competition.
Alistair Weir

SUNDAY 27th AUGUST @ Collingham BC
10.00 am
Rink 1 – O'60's Singles
Mick Thompson (Moor/Railway) 21 v David Brammer (Branston) 18
Rink 3 – 3 Bowls Triples
Den Skayman, Finley Campbell (sub) & John Withers (Sleaford Tn) 13 v Paul Howden, John Mann & Jake Mann(Heighington) 16

12.00 am
Rink 2 – 4 Bowls Pairs
Mick Foster & Mick Thompson (Moor/Railway) 20 v Den Skayman & Finley Campbell (sub)(Sleaford Tn) 11
Rink 3 – Ladies Singles
Heather Clark (Moor/Railway) 5 v Gwen Campbell (Sleaford Tn) 21

2.00 pm
Rink 2 – Fours
Paul Howden, Simon Strowger, Waylon Clarke & Lee Johnson (Heighington) 21 v David Sandys, Barry Seed, Steve Booker(sub) & Glyn Roberts (Bassingham) 10
Rink 4 – Australian Pairs
Mick Thompson & Maria Clarke (Moor/Railway) 18 v Den Skayman & John Withers (sub)(Sleaford Tn) 6

4.00 pm
Rink 1 - 2 Bowls Pairs
Stuart Weir & Alistair Weir (Norman House) 15 v Den Skayman & John Withers (sub)(Sleaford Tn) 17

10.00 am
Rink 2 - 2 Bowls Singles
Mick Thompson (Moor/Railway) 21 v Rob Hill (Nettleham) 10
Rink 3 – 4 Bowls Singles
Colin Barks (Dunholme St.Giles) 17 v Terry Cutting (Hykeham) 21
Rink 4 - Ladies Pairs
Maria Clarke & Lois Clarke (Moor Railway) 21 v Niki Gan (sub) & Majorie Clark (Bassingham) 9

12.00 am
Rink 3 – Set Singles
Mick Thompson (Moor/Railway) 3 v David Brammer (Branston) 0
Rink 4 – Mixed Pair
Les Jenkins & Jacky Ray (Ruskington) 27 v Waylon Clarke & Penny Strong (sub)(Heighington) 26

2.00 pm
Rinks - 2,3 & 4 – Hospital Cup
Collingham BC 72 v Lee Road BC 32
Rink 5 – Secretaries Singles
Paul Howden (Heighington) 15 v Mick Thompson (Moor/Railway) 18


Dunholme St.Giles BC v Moorlands Railway BC

Played off Early - 2 Bowls Triples
Kris Moore, Neal Mapletoft & Trevor Cope (Sleaford Tn) 24 v Den Skayman, Gary Gray & John Withers (Sleaford Tn) 5


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