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Bowls for kids               from Howard Jarrold

One big advantage I find with the summer season is that there is always rink space , so I can have an hour at the club while my good lady can have an hour in M & S.! Life for those with school age kids is a lot different and in a lot of cases grandparents are pressed into service.
If you now take the average bowls club up and down the land and it is not rocket science to work out that there are quite a few grandparents wondering how to keep the sprogs occupied during the holidays. O K you know where I am going, but before I get there I think it worth pointing out that over the years it has proved very difficult to keep kids involved and interested enough to stay in the game. It therefore follows that we must come up with ideas to keep their interest because if we don't and they go, there is no second chance.
The powers that be at the club know how difficult it is to get kids involved and we as coaches spend a lot of time and effort trying to kickstart our youth section. Currently Betty Clark and myself are at the club on Sat. mornings with the youngsters ( George Wilson joins us on an ad hoc basis, but he has his own challenges. He does a sterling job with the disabled and special needs section )
We are working behind the scenes to tackle some of the issues at the club and a new initiative is in the process of being assembled which will be unveiled shortly. I am encouraged by the enthusiasm of the new team and know that a lot of time will be spent on how to grow and keep a strong youth section.
And so to all the members who have 'baby' sitting duties to attend to, I ask that you bring your charges down to the club and we will do our best to make bowlers of them, and I know we will have fun doing it. Two other requests. Please speak to myself or Danny in the first instance ( at least until the new initiatve ) and secondly if you have any thoughts about bowls for kids and what that should entail , please speak to me or put your ideas down on paper.
Have a happy Easter
Submitted date - Sunday, 01 Apr 2018
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