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Update               from Howard Jarrold

Belated New year greetings to all and I hope that your resolution seems as good an idea now as it did when you made it in a drunken stupor back at the start of the year. My hope is to lose a few pounds ! ! ( stones is more of what's required ). Wendy in the kitchen is very kindly keeping her eye on a small group of us, and if we have gained weight on our allotted weigh day we pay a small fine which goes to a dimentia charity. Brilliant concept and a big thanks to Wendy. Speak nicely to her and she may be able to help you.
Some of you know that I have had a few health problems over the last quarter and have not been quite as active in coaching as I would have liked. I am now much improved I'm pleased to say and I send a huge thank you to all of you that enquired after my health. The debilitating nature of Parkinsons means that energy levels reduce as the day goes on. This is the reason for me being not available after 2/3 o-clock ish. However I am at the club most mornings. A text message to 07754 289174 ( 8am to 8pm ) and I'll do my best to find a time for one to one coaching. Rinks are freely available up to 10.30 am and half an hour is normally enough time to sort out your problem. Seeking help with your game is the right thing to do. Why suffer when you can get help. If not with me then with one of the other coaches.
The feeling of letting the team down is horrible. Walking up to the head and seeing your wood is in the count is very satisfying.
Submitted date - Friday, 25 Jan 2019
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