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Rules               from Howard Jarrold

Having been asked to rule on a short jack dispute on the rink near me, as I was leaving the club ,I realised that the simplest of rule transgressions can cause problems, as indeed this incident did. Obviously a situation had arisen in a ladies pairs match whereby a jack came to rest at a distance from the mat line which was challenged by one player as being short, but considered as being lawful by the other. As the mat was well forward I took that into account and suggested that it was not legal and that the jack should be sent back and to my amazement I heard Just time wasting, playing for time and it was repeated a second time. It came from the lady who had delivered the errant jack ' N ' whom I know well was most apologetic about the behaviour of the lady and I contented myself with ' It is either short and illegal or it is legal. That is why we have rules ' I leave that lady's behaviour for you to judge and instead pose general questions about knowledge of the rules of this game we play.
How often do you hear someone asking a question about a rule on an incident in a game ? Would you know the answer ? Do you huff and puff and in effect guess the answer, or do you seek the answer in the rule book ? My gut feeling is that a large percentage of members have a rudimentary knowledge of the rules and they tend to leave decisions to others . After all, there is nothing more soporific than reading the World Indoor Bowls Council 's Laws of the sport of indoor bowls '
I don't profess to know all the rules so I thought that we can improve our rules knowledge together. I will set the questions and the answers will be in the multiple choice format.
1. Size of green . A green must conform to laid down sizes. How long must the green be in the direction of play.

2. A player wishes to warm up before a match . Select one of the following options
A. He/She is not allowed on the green before the match.
B. They are allowed on but not for the 2 hours prior to the start of the match.
C. Allowed on but not on the rink on which the match is to be played.
3. In the illustrations below A and B are playing north to south , and C south to north. The lines are there to show the position of the wood in relation to the jack

A --o--------0--

B ____o______0___

C __o____ 0___

Which one is ' JACK HIGH '
4. When deciding whether a jack length is legal, from where is the measurement taken.
A. Nearest spot to the back of the mat
B. The edge of the ditch
C. The front of the mat.
5. What is the minimum distance a jack must be from the mat before it is deemed legal and can be played.
A. 20 mtrs
B. 23 mtrs
C. 26 mtrs
6. Select the correct one.
A. Trial practice ends are not allowed at the start of a match
B. They are allowed but limited to one end.
C. Allowed but limited to one end each way.
7. When is a game or end deemed to have started.
A. As soon as the mat is positioned
B. When the jack comes to rest after it has been correctly delivered.
C. When the jack is delivered by the proper player.
8. Which is the wrong one
A. The mat can be moved by the proper person if the jack has been illegally delivered and comes back for re delivery
B. If the jack is illegally delivered twice and it gets placed 2 metres from the edge of the front ditch the mat must remain where it was when the jack was delivered
C If the mat is picked up before all the woods have been delivered it can be replaced without penalty in its original position.
9. What is the penalty for foot faulting on first occasion
A. Warned verbally by the umpire
B. A two point penalty
C. The wood that was delivered during the foot fault is removed and if any woods were displaced get replaced.
10. If, after having been warned , the player foot faults for a second time, does the umpire
A. Stop the wood and declare it dead . If any woods have been disturbed the opposing skip is given choices on replacing or leave as they lie or declare end dead.
B. Deduct four points
C. Award the end to the opponents by four points.
If the feedback is favourable I will post another ten questions in due course. Mean while continue to enjoy your bowls and please
do not do what the lady in the first paragraph did ( apart from the time waste incident ) and that was to cheer when her opponent had an unlucky wick and gave the end away. That sort of behaviour I suggest has no place in the game.

1. A 2. C 3. C 4. C 5. B 6. C 7. C 8. B 9. A 10. A
Submitted date - Monday, 11 Mar 2019
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