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Practice / Quiz               from Howard Jarrold

Thank you to those members to whom I have spoken about the content in my last blog.
It seems to have been well received and so I'll chance my arm and have another go.
Talking to a member the other day, I happened to say that practice makes perfect to which he replied that that was wrong in at least 90% of cases. More accurate is 'Practice makes permanent' which of course is true. Most of us have set up and delivery actions which would benefit from a bit of tweeking, and without having those tweeked a session on the rink will cement those issues and become permanent. Food for thought !
Another 10 questions in our Rules Quiz
1. Measured from the centre of the mat , how far must a wood travel to be in play ( assume that it is within rink boundaries )
A. 10 mtrs
B. 14 mtrs
C. 23 mtrs ( ie minimum jack distance)
2. The last bowl comes to rest and the Number 3 on one side, George, wants to decide the end straight away but his opposite number Fred wants to wait to see if it falls over. Who is right ?
A. George
B. Fred
C. Depends on whether it is Singles, Doubles or Australian pairs.
3. The jack is on the edge of the ditch as is the last bowl . After a time lapse the bowl falls over and touches the jack which moves about 4 inches, and the bowl itself falls into the ditch. Select one
A. Jack is replaced and bowl is removed
B. Measured as is, provided the wood fell over within a time frame 10, 20, 30, seconds. Select which
C. Replace both to original positions
4. If , in the opinion of the skips, or the marker in singles the act of chalking a wood will cause it to alter the head ------Choose a course of action
A. Carry on and chalk the wood getting another player to hold it to prevent any movement
B. Wait 30 secs and then carry on playing
c. Nominate it and leave it unmarked
5. A bowl is a toucher and needs marking. It must be marked------Choose
A. Before the next bowl reaches the head.
B. No limit on time
C. Before the next bowl comes to rest
6. A non toucher bowl rebounding off a toucher in the ditch, lands back on the playing surface------choose
A. It stands and remains as part of the head.
B. It is removed.
C. It is removed and the toucher is restored to its original position by the opposing team ( or the marker in singles )
7. A bowl on its original course is displaced by a player from its own team and then disturbs the head --------choose
A. It is declared dead.
B. As it is displaced by a team member it stands regardless of any advantage or loss.
C. It is declared dead, removed and the displaced bowls replaced.
8. In 7 above , if you have chosen A B or C , who makes the decision.
A. The player that displaced the bowl
B. The skip. If so which skip or jointly by agreement
C. The No 3 in fours play. If so which No 3 or jointly by agreement
9. In 7 above the bowl is displaced by an opposing player but doesn't disturb the head-------select
A. The bowl is removed
B. The bowl is replayed
C The bowl is moved to its probable stopped position, as if it hadn't been displaced
10. In 7 above the bowl is displaced by an opposing player and disturbs the head ------select ( more than one if you wish )
A. Replace the head and have the bowl replayed
B. Declare the end dead
C. Do nothing and carry on playing.
Who decides the course of action this time ? The skip and /or No. 3 of the team that played the bowl
or the Skip and /or no. 3 of the opposing team.
!. B
2. 30 secs is the time allowed for any bowl to fall over. So B. is correct and C. is irrelevant.
3. B.
4. C Rule 28 (ii) states that the bowl is nominated.
5. C If it is not marked, it ceases to be a toucher.
6. A
7. C Note that the question states that the head disturbances occur after displacement.
8. B The opposing skip
9. B
10. The skip of the team that played the bowl has the option of A or B
Submitted date - Sunday, 31 Mar 2019
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