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Winter League Winners 2018-19               from Dennis Skayman

Winter League Winners 2018-19

Division 1 Leeks
Tony North, Roy Horne, Tony Burman, Don Skayman, David Hipworth, John Withers, Brian Day
Division 2 Greenways
Pat Moore, Ian Whapplington, Betty Davison, Bill Howard, June Howard, Dave Lynn
Division 3 Dads Army
Peter Iley, Nev Bellamy, Dave Sharpe, Pete Rose, Pete Young, Geoff Dorsett, Gyl Coleshaw, Chris Drodrick
Division 4 Deflectors
Jim Thomas, Ted Streeter, Doug Carstairs, Brian Goddard, Pat Goddard, Malcom Townsend, Pat Bowles, Margaret Carstairs
Division 5 Ever Hopeful
Keith Blanchard, Jean Cross, David Drury, Geoff Cooke, Judith Jelfs, Margaret Youel, Peter Latimer, Betty Edens

Division 1 Pretty Faces
Ken Smith (NP) Alan Watts, John Horton, Marion Horton, Jim Collett, Trev Hallam, Roy Elkington, Norman Burton, Roy Horne
Division 2 One Stop
Albert Mawer, John Withers, Maurice White, Hans Nettesheim, Alan Buxton, John Frosdick, Mike Stray
Division 3 Housemartins
Martin McGowan, Anne McGowan, John Person, Bob Reid, Phil Lowe, Margaret Comeron, Dave Burley, Jenny McClauchlan, Wendy Brown
Division 4 Two Bob Bits
Sylvia Staton, Carl Staton, Maggie Dolby, Stuart Sidebottom, Bob Silling, Inez Bean, Ian Whapplington, Mick Phipps
Division 5 Wolves
Hilary Beckett, George Leeson, Steve Lound, Glenys Wilson, Geoff Wilson, Rita Bennett, Raul Bennett, Marianne Wareham

Early Evening
Division 1 Dolly & Dragons
Tony Gilroy, Penny Strong, Sheila Plaskitt, John Frosdick, Steve Burton, James Staples, Gordon Wood
Division 2 Bardites
Lesley Holmes, Andy Barton, Alan Clark, Mary Clark, Bas Doyle, Keith Steele, Kath Taylor
Division 3 Monks
John Reynolds, Margaret Reynolds, Graham Wingad, David Morgan, Paul Marshall, Carol Warner, Tony Ellis
Division 4 Rumours
Judith Green, Judy Payne, Gerry Tyson, Ann Marie Staples, Olwn Miller, John Cambell, Kay Cambell, Lyn Brown
Division 5 Longshots
Don Skayman, Jean Scrafield, Rachael Jackson, Ben Jackson, Patrick Mills

Late Evening
Division 1 Jackpots
Tony Gilroy, Penny Strong, Sheila Plaskitt, Geoff Plaskitt, Tony North, Steve Burton, James Staples, Barry Graves
Division 2 The Outlaws
David Brammer, Rodger Meanwell, Maria Clarke, David Wareham, Bill Patterson, May Patterson, Janet Foster, Daryl Nichols

Division 1 Blues and Yellows
L Moutain, K Draper, Y Sheldon, J Lyon, K Mould
Division 2 Polkadots
P Lynn, J Towell, M Taylor, C Hempsell, J Palmer, P Froggatt, M Picksley

Ladies Triples League
Division 1 Us Girls
V Lewis, J Shelton, K Staines, J Mills, L Jones, P Porter

Daytime Aussie
Division 1 Will Be’s
Seila Plaskitt, Geoff Plaskitt, Gordon Dobson, Patrick Mills
Division 2 The Double L’s
Brian Goddard, Pat Goddard, Martin McGowan, Anne McGowan

Evening Aussie
Division 1 Storm Troopers
Jordan Fish, John Nott, Ian Tointon, Steve Tinker

Sunday Morning
Division 1 Coolies
Kevan Stevenson, Dean Stevenson, Roy Horne, Kevin Lewis, Carl Stowe, Dave Lewis
Division 2 Dingles
Dennis Skayman, Steve Tinker, Martyn Peate, David Roome, Paul Ward

Late Triples League
Blue Division Eagle Owls
Kevin Lewis, Dave Lewis, Fred Mellows, Anita Barks, Janet Crabb, Chris Hempsell, Dave Hempsell
Yellow Division Woodpeckers
Dave Morgan, Brian Brown, David Barnes, Ken Skinner, Ron Elvidge, John Reynolds

Singles Ladder
Period 1 Sept/Oct
Division 1 George Draper
Division 2 Ben Wilson
Division 3 Janet Crabb
Division 4 Sid East

Period 2 Nov/Dec
Division 1 George Draper
Division 2 Janet Crabb
Division 3 Richard Jutsum
Division 4 Jo Hornsby

Period 3 Jan/Feb
Division 1 Alan Watts
Division 2 Patrick O’Riely
Division 3 Andy Hall
Division 4 Jenny McClauchlan

Submitted date - Sunday, 05 May 2019
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