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For Chelsea fans ' Blue is the colour'               from Howard Jarrold

Will we suffer from a touch of the blues about our new carpet? I think not. Played with two very good players today on rink 3. First thing to be said is that you can feel the spring as you walk on it, and as we all thought it needs a bit more weight than on the old carpet.
I play with Drakes Pride Professional and I found that the line was much the same as before but, as there is more drag in the carpet the bowls were falling short. The reason they were short is not simply weight but because they behaved differently. The explanation is that the friction ( called the coefficient ) is higher, and that means that the bowl is slowing down faster than before, which in turn causes the bias to take effect sooner than I've been used to. It also has an effect on the bias in that the bowl slows down more quickly making the bias arc more pronounced.
What do I do about it? Well I have to ensure that the bowl travels 4 to 6ft further up the rink before it turns for home. Simple!
A tip. When applying more weight, I found a tendency to drag the wood wide. Concentrate on delivering a smoother bowl with a good follow through.
Have fun, please don't moan about the carpet. If you aren't as good as you were the truth is that it is you that has to adapt. Look on it as a challenge. You will be pleased as punch when you get the first toucher.
A personal view.
As a postscript I would like to say WELL DONE to those at the club who had the vision to get us where we are today. Keep up the good work and keep modernising. Without it we'll die and I for one don't want that.
Submitted date - Saturday, 01 Jun 2019
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