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Ask not what the club can do for you – Ask what you can do for the club ( a nod to J F K )               from Howard Jarrold

One aspect of the game of bowls that I like is the fact that wherever it is played the camaraderie and friendship is a constant and the membership of clubs up and down the land will mirror ours in that they will have members that rely heavily on the club as a home that provides friendship and companionship when it is most needed.
Many take up the game when more physical sports start taking their toll, and soon get hooked by its subtle combination of line and length.
Children and young adults often take up the game having been introduced by relatives.
And of course, in modern parlance it is gender neutral and all play on an equal footing.
So we have established what the club can and does do for you and does do at a remarkable price. Surely there is no cheaper sport.
So what can you do for the club? The answer is lots.
As a minority sport it faces competition from an increasing number of new and different sports. Gone are the days when families were at home together. Nowadays Mum goes one way with one child, Dad the other and often grandparents as well. It behooves us all, if we want our club to remain the club that it is, to do what we can to help those who are giving up lots of time to help achieve this.
A lot of work is going on behind the scene to put in place open days, bring a friend day and other initiatives, all of which require extra man or woman power. If you can help at all please speak to Danny, Paul Davies, myself or any of the coaches.
If you can’t spare the time then perhaps you have an idea that can help the club.
Keep up with developments via the website and club poster boards.
Submitted date - Tuesday, 06 Aug 2019
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