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Strange times               from Howard Jarrold

An awful lot of you have memories going back a long way and I'm sure none of you have ever experienced times like this. Three months ago no one could have foreseen the plight we find ourselves in. Stability in the financial world is under threat and it will take strong leadership to navigate us back to calmer waters. We hope that this virus can be soon mastered and we must all play our part in bringing stability and normality back into our lives.
Enough doom and gloom ! Look on the brighter side. With everywhere closed, your bank account will look much better, and you won't feel so guilty about spending £300 plus on the latest creation of the bowls makers . ' Guaranteed' to help you find the right line and weight.!
Fast forward a month and one of two things will probably happen. You will have practised diligently and getting to grips with the way they run, or are considering selling them because you just couldn't get on with them. To rub salt into the wound, your mate with whom you play regularly is now beating you comfortably and he plays with 15 year old Vectors.
All coaches get asked about which bowls to get and the answer is not that easy to articulate as it is a problem where one size does not fit all. To answer the question as best I can I list below a few guide lines which must be considered if you are to stand any hope of being happy with your purchase.
Comfort. This is No 1 requirement. The bowl must feel comfortable in your hand. Test by holding the bowl in your hand with your arm hanging loosely by your side and then take your arm back and hold it in that position. If you have to grip the wood to tightly to stop it from falling it is too big.
Size. Try same size but different makers. For example a size 2 Taylor feels bigger than a size 2 Drakes Pride. As a general rule buy the largest size with which you're happy.
Model. Different models take different lines. It is essential that you try them before buying. The criteria is :- with the mat and jack at maximum distance can you bowl the wood so that it STOPS at the jack ( not goes passed ) without bringing the side ditch into play.
Be aware that differing models are more suited to No 3's and skips than others. These are the wider drawing woods.
It takes a few weeks to get used to new woods. Persevere
Nicely patterned and coloured woods are very tempting, but they don't make you a better bowler. Only practise does that. Who knows when we are going to do that again.
I've written this knowing that it will be sometime before we are playing again, but I feel that we must try to lead as normal a life as possible.
Submitted date - Wednesday, 25 Mar 2020
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