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2019-20 Lincolnshire League Over 60's Results               from Dennis Skayman

2019-20 Lincolnshire League Over 60's Results

Lincoln Men Over 60’s A
Lincolnshire Over 60’s Division 1
Thursday 26th September STAMFORD Home
Won 18-0 (112-64)
Thursday 10th October Scunthorpe Away
Won 14-4 (119-93)
Thursday 31st October BOSTON A Home
Won 16-2 (130-86)
Monday 4th November Dunholme Away
Won 18-0 (123-59)
Thursday 5th December Louth A Away
Won 18-0 (126-64)
Monday 16th December Sleaford Away
Lost 6-12 (89-91)
Thursday 2nd January DUNHOLME Home
Won 16-2 (116-78)
Thursday 9th January Boston A Away
Lost 4-14 (97-107)
Thursday 23rd January SLEAFORD Home
Won 16-2 (122-71)
Friday 7th February Stamford Away
Lost 4-14 (96-105)
Thursday 12th March LOUTH A Home
Won 18-0 (115-69)
Thursday 26th March SCUNTHORPE Home
Not played

Terry Walkers squad didn’t have it all their own way this season, Scunthorpe & Stamford pushing them to stop the record-breaking run of 20 over 60’s titles in a row becoming 21.
Three losses in a season unheard off, I think the team talks haven’t been firm enough Mr Captain.
When the season got put on hold it looked like they would hang on to be champions. So, when the decision was made to freeze the table 21 in a row was confirmed, can we make it 22?
Well done Terry
Thanks also to Brian Jackman for inputting the reports into the website.
Frozen table below

Lincoln Men Over 60’s B
Lincolnshire Over 60’s Division 2
Thursday 19th September Skegness Away
Lost 2-16 (76-108)
Thursday 17th October LINCOLN C Home
Won 16-2 (133-58)
Thursday 24th October Spalding Away
Lost 4-14 (86-123)
Tuesday 19th November Grantham Away
Lost 4-14 (89-102)
Thursday 12th December Lincoln C Away
Won 10-8 (102-94)
Thursday 30th January GRANTHAM Home
Won 18-0 (113-77)
Thursday 6th February Horncastle away
Lost 1-17 (79-125)
Thursday 27th February SKEGNESS Home
Won 16-2 (111-71)
Thursday 12th March Boston B Away
Won 14-4 (93-79)
Thursday 19th March SPALDING Home
Not played
Thursday 9th April BOSTON B Home
Not played
Thursday 16th April HORNCASTLE Home
Not played

Jim Thomas in charge of the over 60’s B team, so thanks to him for his work for the season.
Winning home games the key to this team’s points tally, 50 points at home and 10 visiting the C team shows the boys are comfortable when playing on the blue carpet.
An improvement in the away form should see them pushing for a promotion spot when next season starts.
With a further 3 home fixtures left when the lockdown kicked in a midtable finish looked likely for Jim and the B.
Frozen tables below.

Lincoln Men Over 60’s C
Lincolnshire Over 60’s Division 2
Thursday 3rd October GRANTHAM Home
Won 16-2 (105-93)
Thursday 17th October Lincoln B Away
Lost 2-16 (58-133)
Thursday 7th November HORNCASTLE Home
Lost 2-16 (65-103)
Thursday 21st November SPALDING Home
Lost 4-14 (84-102)
Thursday 12th December LINCOLN B Home
Lost 8-10 (94-102)
Tuesday 17th December Grantham Away
Lost 2-16 (66-136)
Thursday 9th January SKEGNESS Home
Won 14-4 (91-79)
Thursday 16th January Spalding Away
Lost 0-18 (49-157)
Thursday 13th February Skegness Away
Lost 0-18 (69-119)
Thursday 20th February BOSTON B Home
Lost 0-18 (58-142)
Thursday 5th March Horncastle Away
Lost 0-18 (59-139)
Thursday 2nd April Boston B Away
Not Played

Thanks to Graham Peck for taking over and running this side this season.
Most difficult of any side to run finding enough players to run one side is sometimes a challenge so a third team in a division is an achievement in itself let alone winning games.
Beating Grantham and Skegness at home and a close battle with the B team were the highs of this campaign.
A midtable finish a target for next season Graham is that a fair challenge?
Frozen tables below.

Submitted date - Saturday, 18 Apr 2020
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