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RETURN TO BOWLS PLANNING - KEY DATES               from Danny Brown

I am sure you will be wondering what plans the Club has for re-opening and how we plan to get back up and running after such a long time in lockdown. A sub-committee focussed on exactly that, has met at weekly intervals since the Government’s Roadmap was announced and we can now update you on some key dates and hopefully whet your appetite a little to return to the rinks!
At a time when we have experienced a significant fall in both playing and social members, we will need to avoid wasting resources when the rinks are not being used and Club Opening hours will be dictated by bowling demand. When more members join, that demand may increase and our hours will reflect this.
This Summer the Club will be open at 8am on Mondays and Tuesdays and 10am Wed – Fri
We will close at 20.30 Mon - Fri
We will be Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
# Sun 18th APRIL 2021 – Deadline for submission of SUMMER LEAGUE TEAMS to Danny.
We plan to run SUMMER LEAGUES with play starting from TUE 1st JUNE 2021 in the MORNING (10.30am) , AFTERNOON (2.30pm) & EVENING (6.30pm). There will also be an AUSSIE PAIRS LEAGUE at 2.30pm
Entries (Squads of 6 max please for Triples & 5 max for Pairs) can be emailed to or texted (or phoned through) to my mobile (07854 660574). If we have been in touch with you already, you can rest assured we have your team registered. If we haven’t and you would like to enter a team in whatever league, please get in touch. ALL ENTRIES ARE FREE OF CHARGE.
Summer Competitions will also run and entries for the following competitions can be forwarded via email directly to the Competition Secretary ( or by telephoning the Club on 01522 526237. Again there will be NO CHARGE for entry and all competitions are open to men and women:
• SUMMER TRIPLES (Individual entries – Partners drawn for)
Entries are now open for all of these competitions.
# Wed 19th MAY 2021 – The club will open for pre-booked roll ups only until the SUMMER LEAGUE fixtures commence. Members can telephone the club on 01522 526237 from Monday 17th May to book or email
# Mon 24th MAY 2021 – The Grand Prix will return to Lincoln IBC every Monday, Tuesday and occasionally on a Thursday during the Summer Season. Please note that the restaurant will NOT open on these days but sandwiches may be pre-ordered.
No spectators will be allowed until 21st June 2021
# Tue 1st JUNE 2021 – The Summer league programme will commence.
As things stand, we have assumed that playing restrictions will be just as they were immediately before we closed the club for lockdown. The Club will retain it’s Return to Bowls Policy and strategy until advised otherwise by the EIBA who are in constant consultation with the relevant Government department. We shall return at Alert Level 4.
Play will remain on 6 Rinks only and all leagues will be 3 bowl Triples play as normal for Summer. ‘Distancing stars’ on the rinks will remain in place and face masks will be mandatory when entering the club (unless exempt). It is recommended that masks are worn on the green but those who wish to remove them may do so, providing strict distancing is applied. We shall retain our Facilitators whilst this remains the case.
Lockers can be used so long as members are mindful of distancing when removing and storing their equipment.
#Mon 21st JUNE 2021 – Despite an expected relaxation of the current rules, we intend to maintain 6 rinks throughout the Summer Season.
Spectators will be allowed once again and members will be encouraged to sit again in the bar lounge.
Wednesday night Bingo sessions will be considered if there is a demand from members.

# The Government’s Roadmap out of lockdown will ultimately dictate the timescales for a successful return to indoor bowls. It is important to note that any delays to the Government’s milestone Roadmap dates will have a knock-on effect to our own plans and the preceding information is provided with that caveat.

Team entries for Winter 2021/22 will are now requested from Captains. Entries can be emailed to Danny Brown ( or submitted by telephone to the club number (01522) 526237. When entering please ensure you state the LEAGUE you wish to enter and the NAMES OF YOUR SQUAD. The deadline for Winter team entries will be 1st JUNE 2021.
From September we intend to return to 8 Rinks and to a fours playing format for Morning, Afternoon and Early Evening Leagues. We shall also run a Sunday Morning Mens Triples League, A Wednesday Afternoon Ladies League and an Australian Pairs League on a Friday Late Evening. The future of the Late Evening Triples League will be solely determined by the number of entries.

At a time when we have experienced a significant fall in both playing and social members, we will need to avoid wasting resources when the rinks are not being used and Club Opening hours will need to be dictated by bowling demand. When more members join, that demand may increase and our hours may adjust to reflect this.
If the Late League proves unviable, we may elect to open the club late on a Friday, a Saturday and one other midweek night to enable Competitions to be played. Players competing in National Competitions will be encouraged to give these nights to opponents by way of dates.
Early Morning opening will be restricted to Mondays and Tuesdays to fit with early starts for the Grand Prix. The Club will open from 10am Wednesday – Saturday and 9am on Sunday. Exact closing times are yet to be decided.
A vigorous recruitment campaign will be required to encourage further members to the club and your committee are on the case!
Each existing Member will be given one ‘Free Membership Gift’ that they can bestow on any individual who has not played indoor bowls before. This can be used by any existing member when introducing an individual to the club in person.
A promotional Flyer has been attached to this email. Members are encouraged to download and print this at home and display it where they believe it will be most effective locally. Please let us know where your flyer will be displayed so that we can measure the effectiveness of our advertising in that location.
An OPEN DAY is planned in September. If you are willing and able to assist us with an open day please let Danny know.

We have a number of bulk items that are already out of date or are approaching their best before date which will pass before we can open again.
On the understanding that this is the case, the items below can be obtained for a donation to the club. Please email me if you wish to bid and pick up any items and I will arrange to be in the club when you call.
6 Bottles Low Alcohol Old Speckled Hen
1 Case (24) Guinness Surger Cans
6 x Guinness Surger cans
14 x Pepsi bottles 330ml
1 Case (24) Britvic Orange Juice (200ml)
12 x 200ml Britvic Orange Juice
1 Case (24) Britvic Pineapple Juice (200ml)
1 Case (24) Britvic Grapefruit Juice (200ml)
19 x 200ml Britvic Ginger Ale
16 x 200ml Britvic Tonic Water
18 x 200ml Britvic Low Cal Tonic Water
16 x 200ml Low Cal Bitter Lemon
14 x Mixed flavours J20
1 x Case (24) Apple & Raspberry J20
1 x Case (24) Apple & Mango J20
3 Cases (of 24) R Whites Lemonade Cans
2 Cases (of 24) Diet Coke Cans
4 Cases (of 24) Coca Cola (Coke) Cans
23 x Lucozade 330ml bottles (Original)
1 Case (24) Britvic 55 Orange
8 x Kit Kat bars
37 x Wine Gums (tubes)
1 Box x 32 Polo Mints
7 x Polo mints
13 x MenthoLyptus Cough Sweets

Please bid for items in these quantities only.
Submitted date - Tuesday, 30 Mar 2021
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