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Can I book a Rink Online? (UPDATED)               from Danny Brown

Several members are asking if they can book rinks online from the comfort of home. The answer in theory is now YES - If you add funds to your Account.

The following link will take you to the new BOWLR Members Admin area but you will require a 4 digit membership number (which is your membership number at the club currently) in order to access the site.

IF YOUR MEMBERSHIP NUMBER IS LESS THAN 4 DIGITS YOU WILL NEED TO PUT IN ZEROS IN FRONT OF THE NUMBER TO MAKE 4 DIGITS. (for example if my membership number is 175, I would enter '0175' as the Member Number.

When you get to the page via the link you'll put in your member number and a password which is set as your first initial and surname followed by the same 4 digit membership number (all together without any gaps and ALL IN LOWER CASE)

You'll need to make a top up payment from your Debit or Credit Card and you're set to go. (The options for top up amounts will change to £10, £20, & £40 in the next day or so)

This is the same concept as buying one of our new £20 Bowling Session cards where you pay £20 up front and we stamp the card to deduct amounts as you use it. (These can still be used but this way eliminates any cash changing hands at all)

Once you have funds click on the 'MAKE A NEW BOOKING' button and choose a date. To book your rink, hover the cursor over the time slot required and click on 'BOOK SLOT' which should show between the lines.

Follow the instructions on screen. If you're to be accompanied by other members, simply type each surname into the box and choose the appropriate booking type from the drop down menus in the left column against all parties.

You will receive an email confirmation of your booking (provided we have your email address) and so will the club. The booking should then appear on the daily sheet.

We will be using this booking system from here on in so nothing will appear on the usual website bookings page.

A new Website will be launched over the the next few weeks which will contain direct links to this Membership Admin Area. This is just to let members see and get used to the new system which is actually live in the background now.

Please feedback if you have any problems or questions
Submitted date - Thursday, 22 Jul 2021
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