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The Drive               from Howard Jarrold

All of a sudden I am being asked to help with the Drive. Three booked in and three enquiries, all having problems with this most difficult of shots. Difficult in getting the right result from it, as distinct from difficult to execute. I am in the use as little as possible camp. Use in singles more than any other format, and make sure you have practised it for if you miss it it is often costly.
I keep on about set up and routine, but it is important and no more so than with this shot.
1. Get your feet right. Where your front foot goes your arm will surely follow.
2. You must step forward in line with your target so your driving arm can whip past your foot on line to your target.
3. Relax. There must be no tension in your arms and you must have a clear picture in your mind of what you want to achieve.
4. Momentum for this shot is generated in parts viz; the step forward which must not be so far in that your balance is compromised, transfer of body weight which happens at point of release ( again this must be controlled ) and the speed of the bowling arm which is started further back and travels with increased velocity to an extended follow through.
Practise these points separately and gradually put them together until you have grooved an action that you can repeat and produce at will.
Perhaps the most difficult thing of all is how fast should you bowl? Answer is as fast as you can without losing the smothness of delivery. ( when you throw your shoulder in to the mix and you get up too quickly or even fall over , you aren't quite right ! )
We are all different and we all have a different bowling speed. To find yours ,simply;
Bowl as fast as you can and then reduce your delivery speed little by little until you have your best strike rate. IMPORTANT. At some point the bowl is going to move off the line as the bias takes effect. Remember to move your feet.
Accept your delivery speed is what it is and practise it until you can repeat it and produce it at will. Don't blame me if it doesn't work out . I am not a lover of the shot.
Go for the percentage shot not the glory !
Submitted date - Monday, 04 Sep 2017
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