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Tuesday01/10/201908:3018:30GRAND PRIX
Tuesday01/10/201920:30:0022:30:00Singles ladder period 1
Wednesday02/10/201916:3018:30Beginner Coaching
Thursday03/10/201910:3014:30O60s DIV 2 - LINCOLN C v GRANTHAM
Friday04/10/201912:3014:30FRIDAY FUN LEAGUE
Friday04/10/201914:3016:30O 60's Singles EBF J Thomas
Friday04/10/201920:3022:30Lincoln Open Singles Rd 1
Saturday05/10/201909:3022:30Lincoln Open Singles
Sunday06/10/201913:3016:30LINCS (MEN S) LEAGUE - LINCOLN v BOSTON
Sunday06/10/201916:3018:30Beginner Coaching
Monday07/10/201908:3014:30GRAND PRIX
Monday07/10/201912:3014:30County O 60's Singles R Horne
Monday07/10/201914:3018:30GRAND PRIX
Tuesday08/10/201908:3018:30GRAND PRIX
Tuesday08/10/201912:3014:30EBF Singles M D'Agostino
Tuesday08/10/201920:3022:30EBF Prs K Rands
Tuesday08/10/201920:30:0022:30:00Singles ladder period 1
Wednesday09/10/201912:3014:30County O 60's Singles G Maslin
Wednesday09/10/201916:3018:30Beginner Coaching
Wednesday09/10/201920:3022:30EBF Pairs D Brown
Wednesday09/10/201920:30:0022:30:00Singles ladder period 1
Thursday10/10/201916:3020:30Nat Mxd Prs P O'Reilly
Friday11/10/201912:3014:30FRIDAY FUN LEAGUE
Friday11/10/201912:3014:30TRUDY BATES - LINCOLN v DUNHOLME (H)
Friday11/10/201912:3014:30County O 60's Singles M McGowan
Friday11/10/201914:3016:30TRUDY BATES - LINCOLN v DUNHOLME (H)
Friday11/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E26 vs E42
Friday11/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E48 vs E20
Friday11/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E21 vs E19
Friday11/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E02 vs E07
Friday11/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E24 vs E50
Friday11/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E36 vs E47
Friday11/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E27 vs E32
Friday11/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E37 vs E38
Friday11/10/201920:3022:30PBA PRACTICE SESSION
Saturday12/10/201909:3020:30PBA WORLD SINGLES QUALIFIER
Sunday13/10/201909:3013:30PBA WORLD PAIRS QUALIFIERS
Sunday13/10/201913:3018:30PBA WORLD PAIRS QUALIFIERS
Sunday13/10/201918:3020:30Nat Singles James Staples
Monday14/10/201908:3018:30GRAND PRIX
Tuesday15/10/201912:3014:30County Singles J Withers
Tuesday15/10/201920:3022:30Linda Oates Pairs M Smith
Tuesday15/10/201920:3022:30Singles ladder period 1
Wednesday16/10/201912:3014:30Over 60s Triples
Wednesday16/10/201912:3016:30MIDLAND SENIORS Lincolnshire v Yorkshire (6 Rinks)
Wednesday16/10/201916:3018:30Beginner Coaching
Wednesday16/10/201916:3018:30EBF TW Singles J Pullen
Wednesday16/10/201920:30:0022:30:00Singles ladder period 1
Thursday17/10/201910:3014:3010.30am OVER 60s DIV 2 - LINCOLN B v LINCOLN C
Thursday17/10/201918:3020:30HM Singles Nikki Urquhart
Thursday17/10/201918:3020:30Nat Singles S Burton
Thursday17/10/201918:3020:30Club Pairs D Brown
Thursday17/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E16 vs E08
Thursday17/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E12 vs E22
Thursday17/10/201920:3022:30Knock Out L08 vs L10
Thursday17/10/201920:3022:30Linda Oates Pairs J Crabb
Thursday17/10/201920:3022:30Knock Out L05 vs L15
Thursday17/10/201920:3022:30Club Singles K Rands
Thursday17/10/201920:3022:30Knock Out L11 vs L13
Thursday17/10/201920:3022:30Knock Out L02 vs L07
Thursday17/10/201920:3022:30Knock Out L06 vs L03
Thursday17/10/201920:3022:30Knock Out L04 vs L14
Thursday17/10/201920:3022:30Knock Out L09 vs L12
Friday18/10/201912:3016:30CLUB FRIENDLY v Bradwell Tourists
Friday18/10/201916:3018:30LIBA O'60's Sing M McGowan
Friday18/10/201918:3020:30Fed Prs G Draper
Friday18/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E51 vs E09
Friday18/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E18 vs E46
Friday18/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E03 vs E06
Friday18/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E13 vs E45
Friday18/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E35 vs E28
Friday18/10/201918:3020:30National Rinks
Friday18/10/201920:3022:30National Rinks
Saturday19/10/201909:3011:30Yetton Trophy
Saturday19/10/201909:3013:30Denny Cup
Saturday19/10/201911:3013:30Yetton Trophy
Saturday19/10/201916:3020:30Nat Mxd Prs G Draper
Sunday20/10/201909:3013:30EIBA TOP CLUB
Sunday20/10/201916:3018:30Beginner Coaching
Monday21/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A34 vs A05
Monday21/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A31 vs A35
Monday21/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A22 vs A23
Monday21/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A42 vs A45
Tuesday22/10/201920:30:0022:30:00Singles ladder period 1
Wednesday23/10/201916:3018:30Beginner Coaching
Thursday24/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A13 vs A53
Thursday24/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A12 vs A20
Thursday24/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A03 vs A07
Thursday24/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A50 vs A41
Thursday24/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A44 vs A43
Thursday24/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A30 vs A08
Thursday24/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A38 vs A04
Thursday24/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A14 vs A24
Friday25/10/201912:3014:30FRIDAY FUN LEAGUE
Friday25/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E43 vs E14
Friday25/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E15 vs E17
Friday25/10/201918:3020:30National Rinks
Friday25/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E10 vs E04
Friday25/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E39 vs E30
Friday25/10/201918:3020:30Knock Out E41 vs E40
Friday25/10/201920:3022:30National Rinks
Saturday26/10/201913:3016:30MIXED LEAGUE DIV 2 - LINCOLN B v DUNHOLME
Saturday26/10/201918:3022:30LIBA Pairs Preliminary Rd Matches
Sunday27/10/201909:3013:30EGHAM TROPHY PRELIM RD
Sunday27/10/201916:3018:30Beginner Coaching
Monday28/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A47 vs A36
Monday28/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A06 vs A27
Monday28/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A01 vs A09
Monday28/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A29 vs A33
Monday28/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A21 vs A19
Tuesday29/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A52 vs A10
Tuesday29/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A02 vs A17
Tuesday29/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A25 vs A49
Tuesday29/10/201912:3014:30Knock Out A46 vs A48
Wednesday30/10/201912:3014:30Over 60s Triples
Wednesday30/10/201916:3018:30Beginner Coaching
Thursday31/10/201910:3014:30OVER 60s DIV 1 - LINCOLN A v BOSTON
Thursday10/10/2019Over 60s Div 1 - Scunthorpe v Lincoln AAway game - start 10:30 AM
Saturday12/10/2019Lincs (Men s ) League - Spalding v LincolnAway game - start 2:00 PM
Sunday13/10/2019Mixed League Div 2 - Skegness B v Lincoln B Away game - start 2:00 PM
Saturday19/10/2019Mixed League Div 1 - Spalding v Lincoln A Away game - start 2:00 PM
Sunday20/10/2019Club Friendly - Erewash v LincolnAway game - start 2:00 PM
Wednesday23/10/2019Trudy Bates - Louth (Away)Away game - start 10:00 AM
Thursday24/10/2019Over 60s Div 2 - Spalding v Lincoln B Away game - start 10:30 AM
Sunday27/10/2019Club Friendly - Alfreton v LincolnAway game - start 2:00 PM
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