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LIBC Web Mail - Access and spam control

If you have a email address you can access your email on line. This has the advantage of being accessible from anywhere in the world using any computer with any browser.

   To access your email go to . This will take you  to your login page-


   Enter your email address and password-


   and Login. You will go to the email handling page-


Remember, all this is on the server, not on your computer. Using this page you can read emails, write and send new ones, etc. if you so wish.

Of the displayed folders, only the Inbox is accessed from your computer based email agent (Windows Mail, Outlook Express, etc.). Email contained in the Inbox folder (and that folder only) is deleted/moved from the server and downloaded to your computer when you open your email agent.



Frequently email users receive junk email or "SPAM". This is an unfortunate fact of the Internet and especially for users who have common or well known or published email addresses. There are default filters on the mail servers we use which block many of these email messages before they reach you. However some messages do make it through. Helpful Tips:

  • Do not include your email address in chain messages or forwarded messages
  • Do not publish your email address online in clear text, like on a website
  • Avoid as much as possible using your email address to sign up or register for free services or offers online

Email that the spam filter thinks is spam is placed in the "Junk E-mail" folder on the server. 

Using Web Mail allows you to view and have control over this server filtered spam. To view your spam email click on the "Junk E-mail" folder


   If one of the emails in the spam folder is not spam and you are sure it is not spam, then click in the option box adjacent to the email-


   and then select the "Actions - Mark - Not Spam" menu item.


   and the email will be transferred to your inbox.

   Please note-

  • You can do a similar thing from you inbox to mark items as spam. They will be moved from your inbox to the Junk E-mail folder.
  • The spam filter system has some intelligence and if an item is marked as spam often enough it will be taken into the spam filter system for universal use. And of course vice-versa. Please note that we have no real control over this "intelligent" process, just a slight influence!!!
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