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Home Page - Lincolnshire Womens Bowling Association  

Lincolnshire Women's Bowling Association

Welcome to the L.W.B.A. Web Site. Thank you to David Lyon for setting up and to Lincoln Indoor for allowing us this Space.
If anyone has any ideas for improvements to this Sub Web or any comments at all that you feel are relevant, please get in touch with me. at
We have now added an Honours Board which shows all Officials and Outdoor competition winners starting from the formation of the Association in 1946.


Latest noticeboard -  National Finals at Skegness

A Good week for Lincolnshire Ladies at Skegness with 1 National Title, 1 Runner Up and 1 Semi Finalist.
Congratulations to Jenny Rowe and Rena Markham on winning the National Senior Pairs at Skegness today. This rounded off a good week for Jenny who had earlier in the week reached the semi final of the 4 bowl Singles.
Mary Johnson, Patricia Scholey & Olive Wells lost in the Final of the 3 Bowl Rinks.

All the Lincolnshire Ladies Results.

Senior Pairs—Suffolk Punch
Round 1 - Jenny Rowe & Rena Markham 25 v L. Hills & S. Campbell Durham 11
Round 2 - Jenny Rowe & Rena Markham 21 v M Shipley & J Waldram Nottinghamshire.11
Semi Final - Jenny Rowe & Rena Markham 22 v G Bush & M Thompson North Essex.10
Final - Jenny Rowe & Rena Markham 22 v Karen Weites & Annie Lennie Northumberland 21

3. Bowl Rinks—Shepperson & Brown
Round 2 - Mary Johnson, Patricia Scholey & Olive Wells 27 v T. Bown, M. Archer & S. Galpin Derbyshire 11
Semi Final - Mary Johnson, Patricia Scholey & Olive Wells 27 v N Riches, M Charles & J Chapman Durham 19
Final - Mary Johnson, Patricia Scholey & Olive Wells 14 v E Dayes, B Harris & D Martinson Humberside 23

Ladies Singles – Paul Howard 2 Bowl Singles
Round 1 Jenny Rowe 21 v A Morton Norfolk 15
Round 2 Jenny Rowe 21 v J Masters Northants 12
Semi Final Jenny Rowe 14 v M Robson Durham 21

Ladies Singles – Wyland Trophy 4 Bowl Singles
Round 2 - Sue Cooper 20 v S Tolliday North Cambs 21

Under 25 Singles Hilda Carver
Round 1 _ Jessica Ward 10 v J. Wilson North Essex 21

Ladies Senior Singles – Anne Saint
Round 2 – Lesley Holmes 8 v J Yelland Nottinghamshire 21

Secretaries Singles – Ivy Younger
Round 1 – Janet Vinter 14 v J Hutchinson Humberside 21

Champion of Champion Singles – Freda Wiles
Round 1 – Tracy Philpot 21 v L Humphreys North Cambs.15
Round 2 - Tracy Philpott 16 v R Barnes Humberside 21

Ladies Pairs –Alice Rice
Kirsty Cox and Caroline Cullum 16 v K. Weites & A. Lennie Northumberland 17

2 Bowl Rinks G.W. Jones
Round 1 - Mary Johnson, Patricia Scholey & Olive Wells 15 v J. Carson, I. Gillespie & L. Simpson Cleveland 16


More Noticeboard -

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Nothing in the diary for today

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