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Duties and rink discipline               from Howard Jarrold

When I put pen to paper I do so in the hope that someone out there reads those pearls of wisdom. I hope they are interesting , informative and sometimes controversial enough to stimulate discussion. My last post certainly was that albeit not intentional. A big thank you to those of you that have taken the time to speak to me about it. What did surprise me was the number of people that felt that it wasn't really a coaching issue. My view is that swearing comes under the etiquette , dress code and expected standards of behaviour umbrella that we as coaches are remitted to cover.
One thing leads to another and very soon the conversation turns to the number of instances of players milling around the head and offering opinions on matters that are not theirs to comment on ( during play that is ). Anyone who plays knows that niggles on the rink are irritating and often, though not always, brought about through ignorance.
So a refresher on who does what etc. is not out of place
I will not pick out any particular individual or group that are guilty of transgression, but instead would suggest that we could all do with checking our own actions. I include myself in this .
Can I please start with rink housekeeping and ask that the rinks be left in a tidy manner when you have finished. Please return spare jacks and make sure that mats are placed on the bank with the long side along the front edge, ( during play as well ! ) and the jack in the dich. Another option is mat on the T and jack on it. This is by request from those charged with cleaning the place.
When changing ends please do not spread out , thus holding up play on adjoining rinks. Two abreast is ideal . Stopping and discussing the previous nights football is not going to endear you to the skip next door who is possibly on a short fuse anyway.
Please try and keep movement on the walkways to a minimum when players on those rinks are about to bowl. It doesn't worry me at all, anymore than movement in the head does, but it does put many players off, so a little bit of care and thought please.
The head is a congested area so please take care. Players have certain duties and it is expected of them to discharge those duties and not to involve themselves in matters that are not in their job description.
Lead players play their woods and should then move back well away from the mat to allow the number 2 players room . The same for 2s and 3s. Be ready to play as soon as it is your turn. Nothing winds a skip up more than you having a chat when you should be on the mat. Or maybe there is, and that is getting to the mat after your chat and then asking whose bowls are where. Each player should have a good idea of whose woods are where.
It is natural to look at the head when you change over but please don't stand there and decide what's what. Numbers 1 and 2 should move back well away from the head and number 3 should take up their position at least 2 metres back from the jack.
The only 2 players at the head should be No. 3s and it is their duty to decide the score and measure if need be. IT IS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY ONE ELSE AND THE NO.3s MUST BE LEFT TO IT. If you are one of those players who voice an opinion when you shouldn't then be prepared for getting an ear bashing. No. 2 home is the scorecard marker and 2 away the rink score keeper.
Sticking to procedure and observing good standards makes the game much more enjoyable than it will be if you have to look at a the face of a skip with the hump !
Enjoy the game and enjoy Christmas.
Submitted date - Saturday, 01 Dec 2018
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