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COUNTY FEDERATION FINALS RESULTS 2019               from Dennis Skayman

Men's Singles
Paul Oke Sleaford 21 v 15 Sam Ashton Lincoln

Men's Pairs
Keith Jackman & Tracy Nunn Horncastle 22 v 13 John Nott & Danny Brown Lincoln

Men's Rinks
Ryan Jackson, Danny Brown & Billy Jackson Lincoln 6 v 23 Alex Tomlin, Martin Tomlin & Richard Vinter Boston

Men's Senior Singles
George Draper Lincoln 21 v 13 Geoff Maslin Lincoln

Under 25's Singles
Sam Ashton Lincoln 21 v 15 David Bristow Sleaford

Mixed Pairs
Sue & Paul Grimbleby Scunthorpe 15 v 16 Chantal Spencer & Jonathan West Boston

Mixed Rinks
Mary Johnson, Tracy Nunn & Keith Jackman Horncastle 14 v 17 Sue Simpson Shaw, Paul Flatters & Les Feary Boston

Ladies Singles
Brenda Barlow Lincoln 11 v 21 Jenny Rowe Scunthorpe

Ladies Pairs
Jane Taplin & Margaret Walmsley Horncastle 12 v 22 Jenna Earl/Maureen Wilson Lincoln

Ladies Rinks
Jenna Earl, Rene Walker & Maureen Wilson Lincoln 22 v 10 Brenda True, Gill Leverton & Barbara Shufflebottom Louth

Congratulations to the winners who go on to represent Lincolnshire in the National Finals at Newark in April

Especially Lincoln bowlers
Sam Aston in the under 25’s giving himself a chance to retain his National Title
George Draper in the Senior Men’s Singles
Jenna Earl & Maureen Wilson in the Ladies Pairs
Also to Jenna & Maureen joined by Rene Walker in the Ladies Rinks
Good luck to you all

Submitted date - Sunday, 10 Mar 2019
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