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Adobe pdf format

Some of our documents have a dual requirement - they need to be both:

  • Printed by our printers.
  • Displayed on this web site.

The documents are normally created in Microsoft Word. We can convert them to HTML (the code behind our Web pages) but large documents in HTML do not print easily - HTML cannot maintain original formatting and presentation. Using Word for our printing and HTML for web viewing would mean that we have documents in different stages of production and format.

The Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is a format that maintains the look of the original document, is acceptable by printers and can be viewed over the web or downloaded and viewed from most computers. Therefore we use it for large documents that have the dual requirement.

However, you must have the free Adobe Reader program (often referred to as the Adobe Acrobat Reader) installed first. It is already installed on most computers but if it is not installed on yours you can download it by going to the Adobe web site - it is free!!!! Instructions for downloading and installation are on that web site.

Get Acrobat Reader Web logo  "Get Adobe Reader"

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